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At Community Impact, our goal is to ensure high-quality client care by increasing the number of qualified and skillfully trained mental health counselors available to provide therapy to disadvantaged and under-resourced populations and individuals exposed to traumatic events.


Goals for Supervision

  1. Enhancing supervisee’s knowledge, applied skills, and professional development

  2. Protecting the welfare of clients


Topics in Supervision

  1. Goal-setting

  2. Case review

  3. Countertransference

  4. Cultural competence

  5. Diagnostic/evaluation skills

  6. Ethical issues

  7. Legal issues

  8. Treatment planning

  9. Interventions

  10. Supervisory relationship

  11. Documentation


If you are a social worker or a professional counselor interested in tele-supervision, please contact Community Impact at 678-842-4602 or by email at

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