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Creating a trauma-informed culture is vital to first-responder agencies, health care settings, educational/learning communities, as well as juvenile justice, prison, and child welfare systems. Each of these organizations frequently encounter children, families, and adults who have experienced significant psychological trauma and are at increased risk for further victimization and retraumatization. Trauma-informed organizations are agencies and programs that are aware of the impact of trauma, recognize the signs and symptoms of traumatic stress, and are able to respond to and effectively treat the effects of trauma. However, due to limited resources, traumatic stress often goes unaddressed and is placed secondary to immediate or urgent needs (e.g., shelter and food in homeless services settings, medical care for those in health care settings).  

At Community Impact, we see the world through a trauma-informed lens and are committed to providing your organization with the following consultation services to help your staff create a trauma-informed culture on all levels.

Consultation Services

  • Critical incident debriefing

  • Trauma-informed organizational needs assessment and follow-ups

  • Trauma-informed organizational care plans

  • Trauma-informed program evaluations

  • Trauma-informed performance improvement workshops/training

  • Trauma-informed staff supervision, consultation, and support

  • Trauma-informed services development


  • Coping with trauma

  • Cultural competence in providing trauma-informed care

  • First-responder crisis interventions

  • Implementing trauma-informed care

  • Understanding the effects and impact of trauma

  • Vicarious trauma and self-care in the workplace



If your agency, organization, or program is interested in trauma-informed consultation services, please contact Community Impact at 678-842-4602 or by email at

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